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the smell of new fire

I have a new blog dedicated to my personal photos...please follow! I will still continue to update on this one as well: birds and bullets fly



waiting & waiting

I am waiting and waiting for this hurricane to pass...

These photos were taken earlier this week when the earthquake had happened. I can honestly say that was one of the most frightening moments I had ever experience by myself. With no cable, moderate internet connection in a lonely apartment, I had visually seen my entire apartment made out of brick walls sway gently back and forth as if it had turned into a part-time fun house. I thought that maybe it was construction work or perhaps even paranormal activities. Now, all I can say is that I have prepared myself for the worst...let's hope Irene takes a wrong turn...




Photos by Instagram.
1. Taken during my fashion styling class
2. Staring out the window at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
3. On top of the MET's roof

Today was a new chapter in my life. My last academic semester started. I was hoping to get some life lessons out of today, but instead I wasted my time worrying about my hair. Yes, I did. Well you see, I am partially blonde! I decided to try the "ombre hair" or what people call the new recessionista hair-do. As I walked by passing the familiar faces of the ones who suffered summer school with me, I also saw some new faces. Faces with the "ombre hair." I began to realize how this hair trend will grow fast, but for the brave ones, just like the girls who shaved one side of their head. I never understood why, or if in their mind they thought that was attractive? In the end, life is a phase we go through and we just have to continue through it until we all realize what we have fulfilled.

*I will post pictures of my "ombre hair" in another post. I have a bucket load of photos to edit.

I am completely obsessed with Instagram, ever since adopting the app, it has become more reliable than my beloved DSLR. Sad, but true.