it was a pleasure attending the academy of art university fashion show at bryant park in nyc. i went with melissa who attends FIT. i wish i had more invitations to bring everyone that wanted to go! :'(

special appearances were nigel barker from ANTM and carmen electra. more? maybe. one of the designers was from last year as well. jamie cole, who was on mtv's true life: i'm going to fashion week. she is also from CT! yahh CT pride lol. ghey. it was a wonderful experience, i've never sat down at a fashion show before. usually i'm backstage. i wish i could attend more events like this and just enjoy the show. i took pictures most of the time so i wasn't even paying attention much to the models/outfits. but it was still worth my time!

up-date on marc jacobs spring collection. i am pretty impressed. it is like "mary poppins meets the king and i." or "the lost parisian in america" look. or whatever country you'd prefer to get lost in. i can tell his fabrics were imported from asia. i wasn't impressed with his fall/winter collection at all. he slacked a lot. i think. the fall season is usually a designer's weakest. maybe i'm wrong? so far i have proved myself correct :p

pictures from AAU fashion show soon.

photos from fashionweekdaily.com for marc jacobs 2009 collection.


just got my october issue in the mail today.

well this isn't suprising at all! the suprise is that my mom is reading it before i even got to it! lol


for more. go to mbfashionweek.com

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Gil said...

Yeah thanks for the invitation sweety^^, jk, I know how hard it was to even get one for you^^, and you and mel were the first on the list to go^^, anyways I agree with you about m j slacking during the fall/winter season and I told you why^^.

mae said...

lol thank you gil for you input, you should start a fashion blog too! i think it'd be fun :p