i've been thinking lately about how i ended up where i am today and how much has changed in the past year. a year ago, i had no idea what road i was walking in life. i had no intentions for anything. just work. work. work. (why i stopped using this blog). then the end of summer came and i found out i can move to nyc and go to school to study fashion. i am now attending what i think is the BEST fashion school in nyc. i had a wonderful opportunity to intern with diesel this fall at their corporate office/showroom and i'm welcomed back anytime. thank you GOD. now it's 2010, a whole new decade is arriving and it's going to be filled with new fashion. i'm excited to see what the industry has to offer. i'm always gearing towards change. good change...this year i'm striving for the best & taking nothing less.

stop living behind this masquerade...

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