"i shall never grow up, make believe is much too fun. can we go far away to the humming meadows?"

hat-thrifted $2, dress-bargained for at a street market in MA $20(its actually a skirt), gray cardigan-H&M, belt-thrifted $2, leaf necklace-made by my sister

it's the last day of my spring break & i leave you here with a shoot i decided to do last minute yesterday with my sister and my friend manise. i am upset how hard it is to find a pretty meadow these days with weeds that are sky-high. we went to this park i used to go to when i was younger to take pictures with my family. this place is so lovely, it kinda makes me very happy. on our way we ventured through the back-roads where i would not drive under 45 mph. you see, when driving that fast and being so adapted to the city environment you forget that these roads have pot holes, HUGE pot holes. this then lead to a flat tire. which then left me with an angry mother. oh, the things i would go through to capture life through the eyes of a lens...


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Anonymous said...

you are so pretty and i am loving the pictures!