manhattan is an island, but did you know there is an island inside manhattan? a few to be exact...however, roosevelt island appeals to me the most because it's just so mysterious! i did not realize how secluded it was and little did i know there used to be a prison, smallpox hospital, asylums--a quarantine place. me and my roommate, naja, ventured into the island and found ourselves sitting on the steps of the Blackwell's farm-house. it's the oldest building/house/foundation on roosevelt island (used to be blackwell's island) and no one lives in it. i felt that half of the island was half empty...i could go on and on about our extraordinary adventure, but i won't. forget times square and all those tourist destinations, if you've never visited roosevelt island i suggest you do so because it offers a lovely view of manhattan's east side and the island itself is a beautiful and different atmosphere!


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