it's almost been a month since i've been back in CT. i hate to say it, but i am still not fully unpacked & i probably don't intend to fully unpack. come august, which is in two months i leave for New York City again...summer hasn't even begun. i don't think i've ever missed a place so much more than my own home.

the photos taken are from my camera phone & i leave you here with a bundle of precious photos of my bedroom. it's filled with dainty photographs, collages & fabricated recycled materials. an abandoned vintage chair, a mannequin from the dumpster, a table from the sidewalk, dusty magazines and never touched before books...lately, i've been on a hunt to find an old vanity & i am dying to rampage my local thrift shops. i find pleasure in believing that one man's junk is another man's treasure.

a peek into the bedroom:


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