certain people i know always assume that all i care about is fashion, music and art. well hello world, i do not only care about fashion, music and art. for i am a normal human being.

to people who actually read, this blog was made specifically for fashion, and sometimes i get a bit off topic, i know. maybe i'll just make this blog about life on earth, experiences and life learning lessons? such things won't make a difference, i'll still be put in a certain category... now that i realize what i have just written, i want to keep my blog the way it is. i do not think that i will ever deeply publicize my personal life on here, but i'll share with you some thoughts (ex. right about now). i am on my own journey... when will i stop writing? only time will tell. my audience should be those who have great interest in my experiences through these things. if not, then i am sorry, but i do not intend to alter my leisure "blogging" time for your pleasure.

& my blog goes on...

these photos were from a wedding i attended a couple of weeks ago. i found my dream one shoulder cobalt blue dress on asos.com --i've become so crazed about this online fashion store in the UK! the wedged heels were randomly spotted during a shopping trip to marshalls, believe it or not, for only $35. and the lovely fringed clutch is from H&M.


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