je suis de retour!

1. Mai Tai at the Soho Grand Hotel (The Yard)

2. Sushi love at the Sushi Lounge on St. Marks

3. Little sister's fox tail + Balenciaga

4. Statue of Liberty: on my way to IKEA in Brooklyn

5. Central Park walks & monthly visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

I am back! For quite some time I have been thinking about shutting down this blog and creating a new blog with a fresh new name. However, a little birdie told me to keep this one...

While I have not been posting, so much has changed in my life. I feel like I am living in a much different world than my last 5 posts. I hope to continue on with sharing my thoughts on fashion, music, food, beauty, life & much more.

p.s. I came up with a new + temporary banner. Until my little brain decides to get creative again, the next banner will be fabulous.


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