fashion's night out 2011

With the September issue already out in stands, the next exciting news to hear about is the Fashion's Night Out (NYC) line-up. This is a global event, but most celebrated and correctly celebrated in New York City. Check the site for more info. It is the kick-off for New York's Fashion Week and what more can I say? It is a night full of fun and exhilarating moments with all people involved in the fashion industry, and it is also for consumers to enjoy a night of shopping!

What are your plans for Fashion's Night Out? And what city will you be celebrating in?



Samantha Jacobs said...

Your quote on http://thebohemiangoods.blogspot.com/2011/08/in-stock.html#comments

Amaezing Fashion said... Love the photos! Cute blog...where is Bath?

There are two wonderful inventions in the real world, darling... one is called an atlas and the other is called Google Maps. But looking at your profile you're in the USA - and nothing matters unless it's in the USA, does it???

Anonymous said...

amazing blog!