Photos by Instagram.
1. Taken during my fashion styling class
2. Staring out the window at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
3. On top of the MET's roof

Today was a new chapter in my life. My last academic semester started. I was hoping to get some life lessons out of today, but instead I wasted my time worrying about my hair. Yes, I did. Well you see, I am partially blonde! I decided to try the "ombre hair" or what people call the new recessionista hair-do. As I walked by passing the familiar faces of the ones who suffered summer school with me, I also saw some new faces. Faces with the "ombre hair." I began to realize how this hair trend will grow fast, but for the brave ones, just like the girls who shaved one side of their head. I never understood why, or if in their mind they thought that was attractive? In the end, life is a phase we go through and we just have to continue through it until we all realize what we have fulfilled.

*I will post pictures of my "ombre hair" in another post. I have a bucket load of photos to edit.

I am completely obsessed with Instagram, ever since adopting the app, it has become more reliable than my beloved DSLR. Sad, but true.



Anonymous said...

sweeeet pics

Angela said...

Superbe tes photos!!! j aime beaucoup!!!
Angela Donava