another visit;

I went to NYC this past weekend w/ melissa, david, and gil. bought more stuff from the Marc by Marc Jacobs store. This time I managed to go into all of them. hahah. His store is very unoticeable. Every employee dresses very nice and look like models. Well, the majority of them are. I bet it's required in their applications. Anyway, I found some more cute things.

this lovely tote for only $19!

this beautiful satin evening bag by marc by marc jacobs for $35

so my time spent in nyc is always worth my time in life. lol. that day me and my friends also went to ten ren in chinatown for boba aka bubbletea. i got passion fruit green tea---fabulous.

bought a dress at urban outfitters, picked up these sunglasses for my sister there. theyre seafoam color and they are twilight aviators...

i still couldnt find anything at the home & furniture part because i WANT all of it. ahah. currently i am trying to remodel the "look" in my room. i want it to be sorta vintage chic with an urban-fashiony feel to it. big rule:I DONT WANT TO BE SCARED OF COLORS. i want to be able to pick up anything at the store and not have to worry if it matches the colors in my room. i want EVERY color, but let's not make it too tacky. okay. idk i have a weird imaginitive mind and so far the process has been slacking!

i still need to sew and make more pillows. i am just so lazy to take out a pair of scissors and cut fabric. the last time i made a pillow was in a shape of lips and i patched on leopard spots from an old black rag shirt. i ended up hating it and gave it to my cousin, even though i spent about 6 hrs on it!!!! i also ended up cutting up a juicy couture sweater that i bought from a consignment store for $6 bucks. NEVER WORE IT. i cut it up into a sqaure and now it's the most comfy little pillow ever! i love my pillow-making skills and techniques.

back to my nyc trip. it was a nice getaway. i've been working more than i sleep. so i needed to get out. at the end of the day we were going to watch the dark knight; batman movie. but SOLD OUT everywhere so gave up, ended up seeing it on sunday. amazing movie. well my words just leak everywhere. i need to stay on topic here...okay so we went to this upscale restuarant on broadway called Carmine's. It is better than olive garden! Hahah. MMM loved it. I suggest you go there if you're up for delicious Italian food. I hated the seating though. They put us in the smallest room. And you can hear everyone's conversation, that's if you're not the one talking. We were going to eat outside, but realized that it was like asking for death with Manhattan's pollution and HOT HOT HEAT.

well that's all for now. i'll have more recent updates ASAP.

xoxo, stay gold.

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