hello mr. jacobs!

so i finally went to the marc by marc jacobs store today! it was quite a long walk, but managed to find it anyway! along the way were small cute botiques as well as designer botiques like juicy c., james perse, cynthia rowley, and marc jacobs of course; i'm sure there were more, but i was mostly focused on finding the marc jacobs store. lol. anyway i walked in and my eyes popped when i noticed the prices on the accessories. i mean $1 for a bracelet that was originally $24. come on...what a great sale! haha. here is the link of the bracelets http://www.marcjacobs.com/#lookId=97&folder=/specialitems& . moreover, i got a lipstick pen for $1.50 it was cute and it was convenient because i went to h&m and had to sign the receipt and the cashier's pen ran out of ink! ahhaha so i pulled out the MJ pen of course ;D i also got the pretty MJ silver compact mirror. it is really cute and i could always use a new mirror. plus i am OBSESSED with anything heart-shaped! my trip to NYC today has been quite sucessful. i manage to go look for new curtains at urban outfitters, instead i left with a pair of BDG grey cigarette skinny jeans, a cute v-neck for $9.99, and a pair of sunglasses. MORE! soon i am going to need a closet just for sunglasses. haha. i also picked up boba tea and went to a cute bakery in chinatown. always good. i only went into ONE chinatown botique somehow i managed to ignore all the fake bags i saw...usually i would go into every other little store to take a peek at what they have...this time i didn't and i am proud of myself :) whew. well i am exhausted and have to start work tomorrow. it's been a long weekend and no shopping next weekend!

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