when i see or hear something about america on the news, i get bored... besides being in one of the BEST cities in the world, every now and then i need a culture shock and that's when i turn to national geographic. i love everything about geography. if it wasn't for fashion, i think working for national geographic is where i belong. i respect different cultures; i love to study how other people live their lives. browsing through images on their website has become an addiction. the photographers capture life through images that are so refine.

(click on images for MUCH larger view.)

Newsstand strut

Barley Field, NEW ZEALAND

fireworks in San Juan, CUBA

crowded street of Kathmandu, NEPAL

hidden face.

women digging in India.

how adorable, an arctic fox.

i absolutely love this photo, it's candid and just captivating...

what do you think about other cultures around the world?
*milan fashion week just ended and now paris only begun, updates with looks will follow next post!


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