It's all about the statement jewelry this season! And it will definitely be going forward. My favorite statement jewelry right now are necklaces--huge chunks of bedazzled glamorous chains hanging on my neck are the essential must-haves.


Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era--but wait, I'm a late 80's child... I want too much of the past to come alive. I have an intense desire to meet people who are dead. Or maybe I am just that curious to know what life was like back then. Fashion, culture, politics--stop! About politics....I would much rather have it be where it is today. I do not think I could bear with the inequality and the pure hatred of humanity. Anyway, with that being said, I appreciate so much life has to offer. Especially when it comes to different lifestyles, art, music, fashion, culture, architecture, social stability, history, challenges, food(!), celebrity gossip(guilty pleasure), photography, new innovative ideas, adventures, randomness, long conversations, mother nature, individualism-you name it. I love.

If you haven't noticed by now, my music knowledge is very abundant. I may not show it on here, but those who know me well can pretty much sum that up. I've overloaded countless numbers of ipods in the past and love initiating people to new music--just like fashion. :) Rarely, will I make you a victim. Music is personal for me, but if you ask I am an open book! Glam rock is one of my favorite era I wish I could go back and visualize it for myself. You know when straight guys were admired for wearing leopard prints, sequence jackets and platform shoes. I know...shocking?

Siouxsie and the Banshees

T. Rex

The Buzzcocks

New York Dolls

video is t. rex-hot love......don't hate, but critique me; I somehow can see MGMT covering this song!


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