There's nothing better sometimes than spending a sunny cold afternoon watching Bonnie & Clyde (1967). A recent film I picked up. I'm obsessed. I've seen the re-make, and loved it! but I am even more in love with the original. I do hope that they re-make this film, & hope to god that Hilary Duff won't be playing Bonnie. They were a stylish couple--I must say that I loved every outfit Bonnie wore; its supposed to be THE GREAT DEPRESSION! Brownie points to the costume designer though! They even died so elegantly. Alright moving on....today was the last day of the semester & wow it feels great! I am going to end it by celebrating with a few friends at CAFETERIA tonight. I am excited, but it's going to end in a sad way because next year will be so much different...but we'll have to expect the unexpected! And that's what I've taught myself to do all year.

Next post will probably be in boring old Connecticut...just a warning :)


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