walk the surface of this town the high heels above the ground and high horses that we know keep us safe until the night...

i should go to bed now, but before i do, i just wanted to announce how amazing my "school" year has been. after high school i always knew that this is what i wanted to pursue. and now i am. it's been 3 whole years since i left that hell hole. (dont kill me for saying this) but it's sooo soo true. after that, i managed to somehow go to three different colleges. how? because i was so indecisive about life...but now i know. it's a great feeling to be in a place where you know you belong. it's a great feeling to be overwhelmed with work & to have so much "free time"... last semester was so much different from this semester, and i'm glad it's this way. i would have never started this blog if i did not have as much free time now as last semester. new york, i love you. & i will miss you this summer. i am constantly seeking for inspiration...never stop.


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