sometimes i wish this city would sink the sea.

"it's better to die on your feet than live down on your knees..."

A beautiful night. A beautiful crowd. Tonight I was fortunate to see As Tall As Lions play one last time at the Highline Ballroom. They were an old time fave. from my past; a band whose music has strongly connected with me. It is sad to see bands break apart after being together for such a long time. Music has become so personal for me. I thank God for my good taste in music. I really do. I cannot stand the mainstream...it is weird, I know. Someday, maybe someday I will be able to meet my musical soulmate.


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Fashion Cappuccino said...

What a lovely quote! I know what you mean about mainstream music scene. It's hard to find really, really good music if you know what I mean. My favorite artist is Mika (the guy who made the single Grace Kelly). I hope there are more people like him who don't sing about hooking up, drugs and violence in music. Anyway, I hope you and (me too!)will find our music soulmate soon! xoxoxoo