A glimpse of my humble abode in New York City. 

This city is about all about the new, and what other better way to be inspired then by reconstructing, reorganizing, and re-arranging a room. When my dear best friend Mae, (you know the owner of this blog) invited me to participate in her little private event I couldn't resist. Even though it required lifting heavy beds, and placing the side chair at every possible angle, it never escaped my mind how magical rediscovering a place can be. In between arrangements I was able to take incredible pictures of the progress we made together. 
The first picture is an incredible representation of the winter, which is the season we are entering soon. The fur coat from Zara complements Mae perfectly, giving her a mysterious look. She is lady winter, warmly giving the cold shoulder.

One of the first things we focused on was the main wall display. Before this epiphany most of Mae's wall consisted of fashion shoots, with a focus on ads. But not anymore, distancing herself from the obvious, we opted to go with editorial pictures, minimalist in detail.

With that settled, the second wall collage served as a representation of the past and happy moments. Pictures with dear ones, show tickets that rocked the ears, and random little items contributed to "time capsule wall". Forever imprinted are the adventures shared at fashion shows, and at parties...(where one might have been too drunk to remember). Note the garment rack sitting comfortably by the wall paired with Ms. Monroe.

And finally the bed. No longer a single but a queen sized. With the sheets sprawled, deconstructing was complete, and constructivism was accomplished. 

This is by far an adventure everyone should experience in their lifetime. Re-arrange, re-decorate. Re-live a life that has passed by but that might inspire you to move forward. Before Christmas and then New Years get to us, position yourself at a place of comfort and marvel at the new possibilities. 

Sincerely Gil

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